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The Magic Zanzibar

Viungo + Mapango - Spices + Slaves Cave ( Full Day)

The full day guided tour begins and ends at your hotel. You leave after breakfast and head towards north of Zanzibar for a day of adventure, thrills and excitement.
i) Spices: At Kizimbani, you visit the Spice Farms. You proceed further north to Mangapwani to uncover the history of the Slave Caves -
ii) Mangapwani Slave Caves: Built around 1880 from the cave and connected to the seaside, the area is surrounded by indigenous trees such as breadfruit, Rambo tans and scenty shrubs. It was an important transit Point for the captured slaves to be sold to the outside world at the time of the abolishment of slave trade in 1873. In 1880 to 1905, the chamber was being used as a place of concealment of the human cargo pending their disposal.
Lunch can be taken at Serena Mangapwani: Direct Payment
The area is good for bathing and relaxation. Return to your hotel
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